From rich and varied patterns to warm tones and natural materials, here are top trends we have seen surfacing in 2017, in the fore front of some of the best designs of the year.

  1. Colour

Earthy colours introduced into multiple schemes – from blush pinks, sand, cinnamon, rust and even olive green. These tones are highly calming and versatile.

  1. Materials

In 2017 we welcomed the bold combination of natural woods and exquisite marble pieces coupled together with plexiglass, geometric shapes and velvet finishes. All together creating rich and luxe interiors. For the finishing touches plants are seen as the must have décor items to complete any interior.


  1. Fabrics and patterns

Organic lines, plush velvets and bold gold features, create a mixture of sheer luxury. Rust finishes and botanical patterns dominate the wall-covering industry. Patterned floor and wall tiles create effortless and whimsical interiors.

‘sense of space’

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